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We focus on a topic for a few months, read hundreds of books related to that topic, then I publish the cream of the crop. No child is too old to listen to a great picture book. Some high school teachers who are members of this community even read one picture book every day to their students!

In our family, my year-old still loves when I read picture books aloud, but she also devours chapter books any chance she gets. Thank you thank you thank you for this amazing list! I cannot thank you enough for these suggestions! So glad to hear you found the list useful, Tara! Thanks for a great list! We love Maple too.

Losing a Pet - The Story of My Dog Leo

All 4 of our kids and us have also enjoyed Something from Nothing, Jillian Jiggs we could close our eyes and recite it end to end , and The Giving Tree. My son has a new favorite — The Digger and The Flower. Meghan, we got that from the library a few weeks ago too! So good. Thank you for putting together such amazing and thoughtful recommendations.

So happy to have found your blog!

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Biddlebox before! So happy to find a kindred spirit in picture books. Thank you for the wonderful list! Storm is Coming by Heather Tekavec. They hide in the barn from a terrible monster named Storm and cheer every time the lightning flashes and thunder growls to chase Storm away. One of my favorites. Thank you for this list.

I taught both preschool and kindergarten during my teaching career, and story time was always the highlight of the day! So excited to check out the books on this list. Thank you for taking the time to put it together. So powerful to help develop a sense of self-worth that is not swayed by the opinions of others. Do you have any recommendations?

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Hi Katie! Hope that helps! For bedtime books I really like the Nancy Tillman collection. The only issue that I have is with the printer who has obviously never read a book to a child in a dimmed room before!! So I just learned them by heart!!

Looking for a Childhood Book? Here's How. | Old Children's Books

Thanks for the wonderful list! Also on my list of favorites is You Belong Here by M. Both are beautifully illustrated and so sweet! Great list, thanks a lot Kelly! Our daughter is only one year old and loves picture books.

We must cherish him, because he lives — and Michael Bond is telling us, like William Blake before him, that everything that lives is holy. So each individual Paddington story usually has some kind of mishap: for instance, Paddington drops a sandwich; a man slips on it. The books tell us that if we zoom out we will see that inside each disaster there is a cog, propelling us towards potential goodness. The books are oxygen for those, like me, who doubt. At first, on meeting the harpies who guard the realm of the dead, she lies — tells them what she thinks they want to hear.

And so instead, she tells her own story: about pain, loss, hope and grubbiness, love and mistakes. The harpies listen. Because it was nourishing. Because it was feeding us. Because it was true. The harpies make a bargain: if each soul has paid heed to the world and has a story to tell of it, and they tell it truly, they will be led through the darkness to the other side. He has that in common with the philosopher Iris Murdoch, another writer I love, who decreed that attention was the foundation stone of love. We must learn to tell stories, his books say, whether it comes naturally or not — because it is the best and sometimes the only way we have to exchange truth.

There are as many interpretations of Where the Wild Things Are as there are people who have read it, and it means something very different when you are 30 from what it meant when you were three. But I won. Children deserve books that are so too. In One Dog and His Boy , Hal, a child with everything he could wish for except love and care, releases five dogs from the cruel Easy Pets agency. On the way, each dog finds the place in which they can be themselves; the Pekingese Li-Chee, who once guarded the temples of monks, lying at the feet of a girl in a foster home; Francine the poodle, a natural comedian, performing in a travelling circus.

Keep close, because the world will be cold, and frenetic and plastic, and only with each other will we make it. I love Peter Pan f or being so entirely itself, not a diluted version of some other, adult thing.

10 pawsome picture books about dogs

It offers up to us its own defiant logic, for Neverland is the place of the free experiment of the imagination. Barrie would argue that adults cannot go to Neverland. We too have been there; we can still hear the sound of the surf, though we shall land no more. I disagree: I think the books summon up inside us the riotous, Panian parts of ourselves. There might be another lesson, too.

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Captain Hook, first name James, is an Old Etonian.